Wolcen Lords of Mayhem – Errungenschaften

Children’s Trial

Complete the first act.

Aberration Purified

Complete the second act.

Into the Fury

Complete the third act.

Sink or Swim

Complete the first act without dying.

Hard Earned Allies

Complete acts one and two without dying.

Trial By Fire

Complete acts one, two, and three without dying.

Proven Initiate

Reach level 30.

Seasoned Fighter

Reach level 60.

Death Marching

Reach level 90.

Well Supplied

Unlock all tabs in your personal chest.

New Mythologies

Fully level a single skill.

Closer to Genesis

Collect your first legendary item.

Neophyte Collector

Collect your first unique item.

Whispers in the Concordat

Reach level 30 without dying.

Nightmares in the Republic

Reach level 60 without dying.

Monolithic Myth

Reach level 90 without dying.

Back to Basics

Duplicate your first skill.

Our Makers and Killers

Unlock 40 skills.

Wolswag: Lords of Fashion

Tint every single element of your inventory.

Upscale Darling

Skin every single element of your inventory.


Reach the maximum rank in Wrath of Sarisel.

Dawn’s Healing

Revive a KO’d player in your group.

Gilded Extravagance

Fully equip with only legendary items.

Warming Up

Defeat 500 Underling tier enemies.


Defeat 5 000 Underling tier enemies.

Wanton Slaughter

Defeat 20 000 Underling tier enemies.

Acts of Misery

Defeat 100 000 Underling tier enemies.

Punishment Itself

Defeat 100 Specialist tier enemies.


Defeat 1 000 Specialist tier enemies.

Our Favourite Butcher

Defeat 5 000 Specialist tier enemies.

Executioner Among Executioners

Defeat 20 000 Specialist tier enemies.

So Said The Prince

Defeat 20 Champion tier enemies.

As Plague Walks

Defeat 200 Champion tier enemies.

There Follows Death

Defeat 1 000 Champion tier enemies.

Who Salts The Earth

Defeat 4 000 Champion tier enemies.

Stable Funds

Pick up 50 000 gold with one character.

Second Mansion

Pick up a million gold with one character.

Every Jewel in the Concordat

Pick up 50 million gold with one character.

My Guillotine’s Itchy

Pick up 400 million gold with one character.


Construct your first building in Endgame Mode.

City Planner

Construct 5 buildings in Endgame Mode.

Golden Regency

Construct 10 buildings in Endgame Mode.

Princely Patronage

Build a Wonder in Endgame Mode.

Low Level Management

Complete your first mission in Endgame Mode.

Maritime Commerce

Complete 10 missions in Endgame Mode.

Portuary Command

Complete 50 missions in Endgame Mode.

Imperial Pretence

Complete 200 missions in Endgame Mode.


Finish your first expedition in Endgame Mode.


Beat a level 70 dungeon in Endgame Mode.


Beat a level 90 dungeon in Endgame Mode.

Republican Conquest

Beat a level 100 dungeon in Endgame Mode.

Primordial Excavations

Beat a dungeon in Endgame mode with at least one map modifier.

Total Ascension

Unlock all Apocalyptic Forms.

Artificer of Raw Magic

Consume 3 gems on an item while crafting.

Voidcrafting Arcanist

Consume 3 top quality gems on an item while crafting.


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